Monday, January 23, 2012

book worm

I love reading.  When I was younger, I would get in trouble for staying up to late reading.  rebel, I know.  But really.  I loved it.  I read all the time.  I got burnt out in college with all the readings so other than a devotional or required reading for class, I didnt really read much.  And then when I was on bedrest with sweet Emma I started back up and havent stopped.  Sure, I go through spurts of reading a book in 3 days instead of it taking me a couple weeks, but for the most part, I have always a book (or 2!) going.  Dont get me wrong, I love me some reality tv, but there is just something about a good book :)  Anyways, I have dreamed about reading to my babies.  I started my collection of children's books during college because one of my cooperating teachers recommended to start collecting books now for your classroom.  So we have many and there is no end in sight (despite what the husband may say...). 
Miss K LOVES her some books.  My oh my does that girl want to read.  Over, over and over again and again.  I know this is such a wonderful thing that can really help them develop and grow so every time she brings millions of books to me I try to be extra enthusiastic and encourage any reading time she wants.  even if we have read the same book 59372094 bazillion times.  
She loves the touch & feel books.  Those are really her favorites.  Her close seconds would be singing books, as in momma sings.  Those would be Jesus Loves Me, Baby Beluga, You are my Sunshine, The more we get together, etc. 
She also loves Ladybug girl.  I have read that book more times that I can count/imagine.
I love my little book worm and cant wait to read an infinity more times!  


  1. Love this...I too have quite a large selection even tho there are no babies in our home to enjoy them yet. I loved reading to Elle when she was in my belly, I just think that is the coolest thing! Love this and love the pictures! She is so cute, always!

  2. how stinkin' adorable is she reading her books?! haha so sweet. Love it. Love your blog :) Happy I found it today!


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