Monday, January 30, 2012

I need to lock my fridge..., not for me even though it will probably help me, but for miss K.
 Girlfriend learned how to open the refrigerator...
showing me that daddy forgot his sandwich
 and now it is a daily battle. 
 Seriously, she is in that place.  
We might are going to target tomorrow to get one of those locks for the fridge. 
Oh?  And do you see those nice little organic meaning $$ eggs at the bottom?  Yeah, the next day she rolled those all over the floor and well, let's just say they are on the target list too.  Ha!  I wish I had pictures but it was SUCH a mess.
What a little stink.  

Now only if she can learn to pour momma a glass of wine...I kid, I kid.  Sorta.  

Happy Monday!! 

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  1. Ha:) Too funny! New follower! I love your blog!


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