Friday, January 13, 2012

Kallen's party

I am finally going to post about Kallen's birthday party!  This post may be long, you have been warned. I was going to break into 2, but since this a month late, we will just stick with one.

I loved planning for Kal's first birthday.  Yes, I was running around with my head cut of and stressed that last week before her party and was up late every single night, but it was wonderful and I would do it over again in a heartbeat.  She is my baby, and my baby turning one deserved a whole shin-dig.  despite daddy's request to stop spending $$ keep it 'low key'.  

Since said baby toddler was born in the frigid days of MN winter, the party was obviously to be held indoors.  Boo.  And since my side of the family is the size of an army is pretty large, we knew our tiny quaint little home wouldn't house all of them, well a new location was to be found.  So, we held it in my dad's garage!  Dont say 'redneck' just yet, my dad has a large open garage with a built in heater type (I'm not technical) so it was the place to do it.  Okay, you can say redneck if you want :)   

We went with a pink and orange theme that I fell in love with from where else but Pinterest!  

I worked with Paige from Paiges of Style and she did a fabulous job on everything!  I couldnt have been more pleased.  Everything turned out beautifully! 
We hung this on the wall, it is Kal's monthly pictures.  I cannot believe the difference a year makes!
 Cupcakes - courtesy of Sam's.  So cheap! And delish!!
We had water with the labels {happy birthday kallen}, {1}, {kallen jayne nixon} and also sunkist, and pink lemonade {to go with the theme} (I dont think I have a picture of the drink station, bummer!)
 For favors I made ornaments that I purchased from Michaels, and then personalized them
The birthday banner I made.....I wish I would have done orange paper & pink lettering, but it works nonetheless :)
I found this idea from Pinterest as well and I cannot wait for Kallen's 18th birthday so she can read them!  It was a special way for those who were at her party to share their hopes & dreams for her!
 We also made tons of the famous tissue pom poms for decor. 
Even though auntie Nikki cant make them, we survived with enough that Katie and I made (right Katie?!!)
I didnt seem to get a picture of all the food, but we had different things throughout the spread to tie in the {pink & orange} theme.  Such as, oranges, pink & orange gumballs, pink & orange jello fingers, goldfish & pink & orange sixlets! 

And now for the pictures of the birthday girl herself!  

Kal & grandpa
running around...ahh she looks so big!

She loved all her gifts, but loved the tissue paper so much!! 
She was one blessed little girl!  
Time for cake!  
She dug right in!  
I think she did pretty well :)  Ha!  Sister can eat!  

If you have lasted through the end of this I'm impressed!  We are so thankful for the wonderful family and friends that came to Kal's first birthday party.  Thank you to all!! We had a wonderful time celebrating our sweet girl!! 


  1. You did such a good job!! I live the color scheme you went with, very bright and cheery. I can't believe she's already a year!

  2. SUCH cute pictures! she's so lucky to have you angie :) i love all of your effort and ideas. especially her personalized smock!

  3. Awwww, so cute! Love the cake pics! I think you did a great job on everything and she looks like she had a blast! :)


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