Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Snow day

It has finally snowed in MN and I am hoping it will stay this time!  I am not a huge fan of the cold, but boy, I love a winter wonderland!  And since we hardly had any for Christmas, I was just itching to get Kalpal out to play! 

Monday seemed like the perfect day to get the babe out in the snow!  We had errands and such before her afternoon nap (in hopes to wear her out extra good) so once we got home I laid her down, and amazingly took an almost 2 hour nap!  Bliss, friends.  Pure bliss.  When she woke up, she had a snack and since it was already starting to get dark I quickly bundled her up and out we went!  Kal has LOVED looking outside when it snows.  And whenever we let Kobe outside, she always runs to the door and points to go outside and at the snow.  Naturally, I thought she would love it.  I dont know why I thought that, but I did.  Ill let the pictures show the rest..........
Right before we headed out
Get me out of here!!!!

I think it's safe to say that we will wait a little while before we try that again...

Happy Wednesday, friends! 


  1. What a cutie! I love her faces and especially the hat, sooo adorable!

  2. hahaha...oh i hate to laugh because she looks so pitiful but that is just hilarious! :) What a cutie...poor kid, she looks traumatized! Adorable!



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