Tuesday, August 10, 2010


23.  The taboo number.  The number that means so much to us but just another week in any other "normal" pregnancy.  We longed for this "viability" week with Emma although naively having NO clue to the challenges she/we would face if she did survive being born that soon.  We got to 23 weeks with Miss Emma & now we are almost to 23 weeks with her baby sister.  I feel like I have so much of this pregnancy left.  I am so thrilled to be at 23 weeks, not on bedrest, with a very active baby girl.  To be honest, I want this pregnancy to fly by because I sometimes feel so on edge that I am just waiting for something to go wrong.  Granted this hasn't been an uneventful pregnancy but overall it is going well.  Now I just want to fast forward through the fall and head into November...think that will happen??  Most likely not, but I am thankful that I have many things to consume the remaining months of this pregnancy....

First - my brother's football games!  He is back at Winona State for football & we cant wait!  Hopefully everything is going well with the pregnancy so we can travel to some of his games!  

I love watching my brother play football and I also love watching the MN Vikings!  I know I know.......I bet you are just dying to know if Brett is coming back or not??!!  I pray he does!!  I am sure we wont know until late in the summer/early fall but I dont care if he doesnt show up until the first game!  We are also doing a fantasy football league with some close family & friends so I think it will be alot of fun!!  I am so looking forward to it! 

Brett, in case you are reading...you NEED to come back!! 

I also am looking forward to the beautiful crisp fall weather.  Minnesota has had some absolutely atrociously hot & humid days in the past couple of weeks.  Just doesnt mix with pregnancy - it is just pretty much miserable.

And lastly....all of the babies & baby showers!  I feel like many of our close friends & family members are pregnant and that is so fun!  Basically the babies are due starting in November and they continue until late February!  Ohh I cannot wait!  I love celebrating such an amazing, God given miracle. 


  1. Praying for the next months to go by fast so that you can meet your sweet baby! I agree that heat/humidity does not mix well with pregnancy!

  2. You are doing awesome so just keep trying to enjoy this pregnancy. But I was totally in the same boat last summer. I remember hitting 24 weeks and then just wishing that November would get here.

  3. Amen sister.... fall is my FAV season... football, halloween, COOL weather... what were we thinking getting prego in the summer?? Hope you week is going well, back to work for me 2morrow! So happy you and baby girl Nixon is doing SO well! Love you- D

  4. Praying for you friend! Thanking God that things are still going so well. I am looking forward to seeing you holding this new addition...but not too soon.
    Love to you from Alabama.
    - C

  5. Thinking of you lots this week as you hit the 23-week mark and remember Emma. Hang in there! You and your little spaghetti squash are moving right along.

  6. YES FAVRE!!!! PLEASE COME BACK! Go Vikings!!!


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