Monday, January 24, 2011

I see alot of purple in your future....

Because of this little gadget 
And these books:

 And a few issues with blogger this weekend, I am behind!  So here is a little, very brief overview of the past few days along with my project 365 photos.

I bought this outfit about a year and a half ago after I had Emma.  That was part of my therapy.  I could not wait to put a little babe in this adorable sleeper (the picture doesnt do it justice, it is seriously just precious), and when I pulled it out of the drawer I just cried.  I am so unbelievably grateful to have such a beautiful, healthy little girl and we are so overwhelmed with joy! 

Kallen is enjoying her bath's more!  She usually just stares in the mirror the whole time, and cries when we take her out! 

 Its not all fun & games people...the little miss does indeed cry!  But still cute enough to take a picture :)
This is mom's favorite bow right now, and daddy doesnt disapprove because it is purple (lakers/vikings) I see ALOT of purple bows in your future Kali!  

Kent & Leah came over on Saturday to hangout and meet the little diva herself!  Josh & I went to college with Kent & Leah, they are just gems and we had a blast hanging out with them!  I think Leah looks great with a baby on her, it suits her well ;)

Kallen & daddy matching in their Lakers attire - Josh was so proud!  

Today was a little rough.  I had MANY plans to be productive such as clean, organize, workout & do laundry and NONE of those were completed.  Or started I should say.  I had a killer headache and Kallen pretty much stayed in the sling the whole day.  Dont let this picture fool you, she closed her eyes because of the flash...she was definitely not sleeping :)  Although I had many plans to be productive, I will never, ever, (ever!) complain about my baby girl wanting to be held/loved on.  I love being her mommy! that I am caught up hopefully I will continue on this path!   

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