Thursday, January 6, 2011

One Month!

I cannot believe that our miss Kallen Jayne is One Month old today!!!  Time has gone so incredibly fast, and if I start thinking about it I start to cry (still emotional people!).  I couldn't be more proud and thrilled to have a healthy and beautiful little girl.  Here are a few things that we have learned about our little girl.

-She LOVES her paci!  Basically if she isn't nursing or completely out, she wants the paci in her mouth. I have so many pictures of her crying and then the next picture she is content with the paci in the mouth...

 Oh how I love her - regardless of the paci :)
-She was not a fan of the sponge baths prior to her umbilical cord falling off but now that she can sit in the infant bath she enjoys them a little more.
 -She usually sleeps in 3 hour increments at night and every once in awhile we will get a little longer.  I have had a couple blissful 4-4.5 hour increments which are few & far between, but are blissful nonetheless!  I know she is in a deep sleep when her arms are out of her swaddle & her mouth is open - sleeps just like me!
-Kallen is a champ at nursing, and has been since day one.  I am so very thankful for this!  She usually eats consistently every 3 hours and can go some stretches a little longer.  The past week and a half she has been eating every 2.5 hours at times, which is exhausting - especially during the night!  But at those times when I am soooo tired I remember how I would have done ANYTHING to be up at 3 am doing a feeding the past 2 years and I am instantly grateful to be exhausted & disheveled :)
-She loves having her hands by her face.  She scratches herself regardless of how many times I cut her nails.  Her hands/fingers are so long so the mittens dont fit her!  When we swaddle her at night, she wriggles her arms out as soon as possible. 
 -She can be a bit of a drama queen at times.  When she wakes up she will have this horrific face and start screaming and then 2 seconds later she is just fine.  It is pretty funny at times to see this because literally not 5 seconds more she is fine.  She also does the same when nursing if she gets distracted or falls asleep & then wakes up.

Some of her nicknames that she has already adorned from mom & dad (I am a huge on nicknames - I cant help it - they just come out of my mouth!)
-I am sure there are many more, but those have stuck so far.

I think Kal is over 9 lbs, but since she got such a raving review at her 2 week check (weighed in at 8lb 5 oz) we dont go back until she is 2 months.  I am interested to see what she will weigh in at! 

Happy one month sweet girl!  Mommy & Daddy love you so much! 


  1. She is precious/adorable and so darn cute!

  2. I love how she sleeps with her hands up. So sweet! Glad she's doing so well!


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