Monday, January 31, 2011

little lakers fan

we had a nice & relaxing weekend!  It is snowing here today in Minnesota and I am SO thankful that I am able to be home with my sassy little girl and snuggle her up all day long!  I do not take one second for granted and each time she snuggles into me I squeeze her tight and try and soak in the moment.  I know they don't stay this small for long, and it is one of my favorite stages!  
Look at that lip!  She must have been a little chilly...

On Friday Josh & I just took it easy by playing a game & watching a movie.  Kali enjoyed hanging out and relaxing as well.  It was a great night :)

On Saturday we had a family get together for the January birthdays, mine of which was included.  It was a very nice birthday celebration and enjoyed ourselves!  Here is Kallen with her Great Grandma & Grandpa and cousin Hannah.  Hannah was born in July and is just a little peach!  So sweet.  
Miss K had a little tutu on...I was in heaven!
On Sunday we went to church, and it was a baptism service.  It was so good & so emotional!  Such a wonderful moment to witness!  
 As much as I enjoy frilly dresses and sassy outfits, we do have to support daddy's favorite team so Kallen represented for the team at church.  Clearly I didnt let her out without the bow to complete the "little Lakers fan" outfit! 

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