Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Project 365

I have seen this around other blogs and thought it was a great way to document without the pressure of having to write a blog post everyday!  Or it might be my laziness, call it what you want :)
Kallen's friend Adrian (This momma's new babe!) was born on the 31st, so we were able to go and visit him!  He has tons of hair and is pretty cute, so we will have to eliminate the snuggling in a couple of years (because Kallen is not allowed to date until she is 35 according to her father)
Daddy decided to try out the Moby wrap, because the little miss usually conks right out, talk about melting your heart :)
First time on the play mat - she didnt really think much of it, but did lay there pretty content
 Another bath, she is starting to enjoy them a little more now!  This adorable bath towel with her name monogrammed on it is from THIS family with the cutest twins around! 
Classic Kal, all snuggled up with her paci in her mouth :)
One month old!  I can hardly believe it.  Where has the time gone??
She is snuggling her lovie!  My oh my I thought it was one of the cutest things ever!  And of course, with the paci in her mouth!
How sweet is this?  Hope & Kallen were getting their diapers changed and Hope decided to hold Kali's hand - too cute! 
 Before church on Sunday.  Her flower is my favorite! 
Kobe & Kali snuggling on the couch.  He always has an eye on her :)

Hopefully I can keep up with the pictures from here on out!  I know it would be great to have to document Kallen's first year!!


  1. She is so precious and has the sweetest little face :)

  2. Adorable!! If at all possible, I would like to follow your 365 blog. Would it be okay to add you to my blog list on my 365 blog? Check it out and let me know! I love following people's 365's!
    Have a great day!

  3. Ang- My favorite pic is Josh with the Moby!! Jon use to wear Harper too!! It is hysterical! Miss you tons! And of course...Darling pics!! Also...I am jealous of the Kindle! Way to go Josh!


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