Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentines Day!

 Last Valentines Day.  My sweet little 2 month old.  Oh what a sweetheart.  I want to scoop that baby up right now!  Such a peanut.  This was last Valentine's day.  
  Now I have a 14 month old who is crazy!  And I love her like crazy.  And her daddy.  For this day of love I am hoping to have my hubby home before 7 and for Kals to sleep in her own room...all night  Ha ha ha!  It's the little things, friends. 
  Isnt that the cutest jumper ever?!  So perfect for vday ;)
 Happy Valentines Day!!


  1. Look at sweet little miss! I can't believe she was EVER that small!

  2. she is the cutest. her hair accessories. her smock. that smile! have a wonderful day with your beautiful family Angie :) xxo sarah

  3. She is just adorable..and the jumper is sooo cute! Happy valentine's day!

  4. Just found your blog. So glad I did. I'm a new follower :)
    Your little girl is adorable!


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