Thursday, February 16, 2012

14 months

Sweet little Kallen.  Mama totally passed by your 14 month post.  I blame it on the lack of sleep and the craziness that you make me keep up with during the days.  So here is your 14 month run down. 

Baby girl.  For 14 months you have filled my heart with insurmountable joy and love.   I am so grateful to spend all of my days with you. maybe not while I pee, however  I have always wanted to be a stay-at-home-mama-and-wife.  always.  Daddy says I should have just skipped college, but hey!  That teaching degree comes in handy already with you, and I know it will only grow to become more useful as you grow.  oh and I also sub a couple times a month.  You know, so I can buy you pretty dresses ;)  Okay back to you.
You have also exhausted me too.  Some days, more than I care to admit.  But I wouldn't trade it, in case you ever wonder, sweet thang.  Boy.  I should really post about all of your mama's crazy nicknames for you.  There are plenty.  Here are some fun things about you and your 14 month self

Girlfriend loves to eat!  Favorites are cheese, bread, black beans, applesauce, peaches, pears, mandarin oranges (basically any fruit), crackers, eggs, pork, broccoli, goldfish, mixed veggies, well, as it seems there is not really much the girl doesnt like.  Ha!  She has been turning away from yogurt lately and she will not eat chicken. 
And, we are done with bottles!  {excuse me while I break into a happy dance!} It was about a week before you were 14 months and it has been such a wonderful and easy transition.  

You love your books.  Have I said that before? Um, yes.   I dont think I need to say anymore.

I'm thinking you weigh about 22 lbs.  You are wearing 18-24 month clothes and some 2T (because you want mama to cry about losing her baby, of course).  I feel like I pack away clothes weekly.  Sad day, sister.  Sad.    
You learned to go down the stairs backwards.  We had been working on it and one day when daddy was helping making you, you finally did it.  Awesome. 

You are wavering between 1-2 naps a day.  And sometimes none.  Um, toddler?  Not okay. You are usually in bed by 8.  I had to push back your bedtime so your daddy could see you at night.  I wish it meant you sleeping in longer ;) But you still rise and shine between 530-6 am.   
I dont want to jinx anything.  Im really not the superstitious type, but when it comes to sleep, heck yes I am.  So I have been hesitant saying anything.  But for the last 5 days K has slept in her room the entire night!  I think the angels are singing.  She still wakes up, but girlfriend has not been in our room before 5:30 am (except on Saturday when she wanted to get up for the day at 4:30am, see why I am superstitious about sleep????)  But we are making HUGE strides, thank the Good Lord. {update: of course last night AFTER I wrote this the little miss graced her way into our bed.  And I got kicked in the eye at 3 am.  I was shocked that I didnt have a black eye this morning}

Sister still loves to dance!  Daddy and I just roar at you when you get your groove on.  You are kind of a headbanger.  Hilarious, but also scares me for your future.  Your favorite thing to do is go and turn on all your toys from the kitchen to the living room and then you dance around until the last stops and then you repeat.  I think know I can recite each and every 'song' from every toy. 
Kallers, you are so sweet. and sassy  Some of my favorite times are getting you out of your crib when if you nap, because you wrap those sweet little arms around my neck and pat my back.  Melt.  You know that we pray before each meal and before bed.  I love how you fold those hands and then raise your arms when we say 'men' {amen}. 
One of my newest and most special things is you point to your big sister's photo that I have in your room.  I say 'that is your big sissy, Emma' and you smile so big and clap.  Yes, baby girl.  I am so happy she is your big sissy too.

Happy 14 (14.5) months, K.  We love you so much!   


  1. makes me so happy!

  2. She seriously just has the best smile

  3. She's so perfect. Glad that you get to enjoy every minute with her.


    PS- I spent a fortune getting a Masters degree in business and have been a stay at home mom for the past 13 years...someday can wait :)

  4. oh my, she is SUCH a ham!! bless her!!


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