Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Our weekend was the first in awhile where we didnt do hardly anything.  It was fabulous.  I lived in leggings and a sweatshirt.  Weird I know. 
 this is what happens when toddler refuses naptime.  we find her in the oddest of places.

The husband and the daughter both have colds, so I did feel 'on duty' more than normal.  especially with the husband. (dont worry, he knows it's true).  On Friday we watched a few of the bazillion shows on our dvr.  We are so behind.  Kal and mama went to Mimi's on Saturday and did a few things around her house.  K loves Mimi's....but I think she was wondering where all the kids were, she had the whole playroom to herself (my mom does daycare and K LOVES the kids :) 
When J got home on Saturday we went out for an early dinner and it was great.  Just us and all of the other parents with young kids.  It was pretty hilarious of all the families that were around us.  Must have had the same idea {you know, beat the rush and hope to finish dinner before the 'witching hour' starts kiddo's lose their ability to stay contained.}  Kal & I had nursery duty on Sunday (J didnt go because his cold had gone from bad to worse) and it was packed!  I was exhausted and sweating by 9:10 (church starts at 9:05) :)
Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend & holiday (if you had it off!)  J didnt, but he was able to get home by 6:30, which was wonderful! 

Have a wonderful week!  I have to say, I am slightly jealous of all these blissdom ladies!  Hope y'all have a great time!!!!

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  1. She is SUCH a doll!! And that picture of her on the floor cracks me up. These kids and their skipping out on naptime...they need to learn it will catch up with them. :)


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