Thursday, February 23, 2012

How to make a good burlap wreath... know, because everyone is doing it.  
 What you need:
This mama's blog post.  She has it laid out perfectly.  From supplies to pretty pictures of 'how too's'.  Thanks, AP!
I bought an 18 in wreath, so when I only got 2 yds, I ran out.  Boo.   So if your wreath is 18" then I would suggest 3 yds. 
cut your burlap to 5x5 squares
Go and follow AP's post, because, well, she explains it perfectly!
It does make a huge mess, just FYI
Then find the perfect place!  Husband thought I was way off base by thinking this looked good.  I loved it, and after talking with a few friends and twitter, the wreath stays.  Sorry, husband.  You lose.  I still need to add a bow.  Im working on that....
A dear friend is a bonus for your wreath-making-party...her's was WAY simpler but obviously a different look.  She is hosting a 'barnyard' theme for a girlfriends baby shower - it will go just perfect! 
A toddler supervisor helps the process too.  Except when she is done eating and wants to play.  Then the burlap-making-wreath-party takes a break until bedtime.  Just in case you were wondering :)

Happy Thursday! 

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  1. You did such a good job on this! I've been wanting to attempt a burlap wreath for a while but I've been too intimidated to try


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