Thursday, June 25, 2009

Hard to explain...

There are many others I have "met" that unfortunately are a part of this "club" of losing a child. There are so many thoughts and feelings that you feel in grieving your child and honestly it is hard to explain to others that ask. As I said before, many don't know what to say/what not to say. Many don't say/do anything because they are "uncomfortable". Please read this blog- as she lost their son Nate last year and her words are so true, every last one. I cried as I read her posts, feeling and experiencing firsthand the exact things she wrote. I love her "drowning" explanation of how someone might be able to understand what it is like to lose a child... Check it out Here.

I am missing Emma tonight (more than normal). It astounds me how the littlest things remind me of her. Such as...tonight I have a headache. I get headaches often...more often than not I would have to say. Migraines are the worst, especially when my medicine doesn't do a thing...But tonight it is just a dull one and when I stopped to take one second to think, yes just one second is all it took- all my painful feelings and wounds opened right back up. Flooding is a more appropriate term. See I got them often while I was pregnant, especially with the hormones and not being able to take any of my meds for them... So my lovely little dull headache sent me through a whirlwind of emotions (not that it helps the headache then either). Awesome.

Oh I so wish Emma was here with us...I love and miss you baby girl. Love your mommy

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